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Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel
General Manager, LASWA

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The Lagos State Government (LASG) in 2008 enacted the Lagos State Waterways Authority Act, which established the Lagos Waterways Authority (LASWA). LASWA is charged with the responsibility for coordinating and managing the reforms necessary for the long-term growth and development of water transportation in Lagos State, including the granting of ferry licenses and concessions for the operation of terminals to the private sector.

These reforms entail the creation of an enabling long-term regulatory environment that attracts significant private sector involvement in the provision of water transport services.

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Water transportation is an integral component of the development of Lagos’ inter-modal transport system. The physical environment of Lagos is well-suited to accommodate water transport as about 17% of Lagos is composed of lagoons and waterways. The main water bodies in Lagos State are the Lagos Lagoon, Ologe Lagoon, Porto-Novo Creek, Badagry Creeks and the Atlantic Ocean.
Water transport is one of the most advantageous transport modes, having the least impact on the environment, the lowest cost for city transport, enormous capacity reserves and the least energy consumption.

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The fundamental responsibility of LASWA is to manage, improve and enhance navigation opportunities for Lagos State inland waterways.

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Five Cowries Terminal, Falomo,
Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.