The Authority shall –

  1. construct, hire, purchase or otherwise acquire workshops and vessels of any class within the state;
  2. regulate, establish and maintain within the waterways in Lagos State, lines, regular services of ships or other vessels and like carries and generally regulate the use of state and internal waterways by all users including private and common carriers;
  3. enter into contracts for the maintenance, exploration, superintendence, management and transit of all state and internal waterways and terminals, platforms, piers and jetties with any other person, authority, company or such other private operator(s)
  4. own, construct, purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire and work in any wharf, pier, dock, jetty, transportation terminal, building or work capable of being advantageously used in connection with the business of the Authority as waterway transporters or carriers;
  5. design ferry service and other water transport routes, issue, regulate and control all licenses for ferry services and water transportation;
  6. charge and collect water transportation tolls, rates and charge;
  7. clear and maintain waterways free from all obstructions, derelicts, wrecks and abandoned properties;
  8. install route buoys, gauges, distance boards and marking along the waterways;
  9. insure the vessels and other properties of the Authority in any manner it deems fit;
  10. provide for the welfare of persons employed for the purposes of carrying out its functions under this Law;
  11. subject to the provisions of this Law, grant to any company or person, a franchise, concession or license that confers the right to operate a ferry service between such points as are specified in such franchise or license or to own and operate a private jetty;
  12. Cause to be published in the official Gazette from time to time, a list of all franchised and licensed services;
  13. Undertake capital and maintenance dredging and channelization of the water ways;
  14. Undertake hydrological and hydrographic surveys of the water ways;
  15. Undertake installation and maintenance of lights, buoys and all navigational aids along water channels and banks of the water ways;
  16. Grant permits and licenses for dredging, pipeline construction, dredging of slots along the waterways and crossing of waterways by utility lines, water intake, rock blasting and removal;
  17. Undertake acquisition, leasing and hiring of properties;
  18. Clear water hyacinth and other aquatic weeds;
  19. Establish by regulation with the approval of the House of Assembly, a state Waterways Guard Corps to patrol, superintend, secure, and regulate traffic, safety and compliance with this Law on and around the State’s internal waterways; and
  20. Do all such other things as may be expedient for carrying into effect the purposes of this Law.


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