1. A Proposal/Expression of interest from the prospective operator accompanied with a completed application form (obtainable from the Authority with a non-refundable sum of Twenty-Five Thousand Naira only (N25, 000 .00).
  2. After the appraisal of the application form /proposal by the Authority and the prospective operator is notified as such, the following documents will be required:
    1. A formal presentation of the entire project.
    2. A detailed Business Plan for Ferry Service Operations.
    3. Evidence of Financial Capability (Debt or Equity).
    4. Evidence of any Technical Support Partnership
    5. A statement of proposed operational vessel specifications.
  3. A successful submission of the required documents will result in granting of “Approval-in-Principle “This “Approval-in-Principle takes effect upon the fulfillment of the following conditions:
    1. The payment of a Ferry Service Operator’ License fee valid for three (3) years renewable;
    2. The payment of an annual Route Concession Fee, which shall be notified to you by a “Marine Notice “issued by the Authority;
    3. The submission of approval of a Schedule of Operations with proposed frequency of services along the approved route(s);
    4. The provision of evidence of commitment for purchase of operational vessels as required by the Authority.
  4. A physical inspection of the boats acquired by the Operator must be made by the Technical Team of the Authority before a Provisional License is issued. Full License would be issued at the discretion of the Authority after a period of 6 months from the date of commencement of operation.



  1. A license to operate a facility as a private jetty shall before the issuance of license by the Authority comply with the provision of the Lagos State Urban & Regional planning and development Law 2010 and other law.
  2. A copy of the Title for the property near the jetty site. The license will only be issued in the name of the property owner, as shown on the certificate of Title.
  3. A license from Ministry of Waterfront & Infrastructure Development for shoreline protection and reclamation of Land.
  4. Copy of the certificate of Incorporation
  5. A site plan (A3) showing the jetty location in relation to the applicant’s property, with the jetty dimension
  6. The site plan must include all structures, e.g. boat ramps and others
  7. Jetty structure must be in appropriate engineering specification and must be submitted with the site plan.
  8. Payment for the jetty will be determined after all mention documents above are review by the Authority.


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