Guidelines to Operators

The Authority has developed the following guidelines to help interested parties on the elements required for setting up as an operator and the pursuant responsibilities to both the Authority and the general public:

Passenger ferry and cargo freights:

  1. An application for an Operator’s Licence to the Lagos State Waterways Authority.
  2. Payment of registration fee by ferry and inland cargo operators with an annual renewal fee to the Authority.
  3. The Submission of proof of funding for boat acquisition, operations and infrastructural development where necessary.
  4. Ferry boats to be acquired and infrastructure to be developed must be in compliance with the strict technical specifications of the Lagos State Waterways Authority.
  5. Proposals on the costs, revenue projections for the next three (3) years should be forwarded to the Authority within two (2) weeks of Provisional License.
  6. The minimum number of boats in the fleet of a registered operator must not be less than four (4) ferry boats with a minimum capacity of 50 passengers and/ or six (6) water taxis/buses of minimum of 30 passenger’s capacities and/or two (2) car/passenger boats with a minimum of ten (10) and 50 passengers.
  7. An annual payment of “route of concession fee” where applicable and such amount to be determined by the Authority.
  8. Each wooden water craft certified for safety by the Authority will pay an annual registration fee.
  9. All private/leisure boat owners/operators certified for safety by the Authority will pay an annual registration fee.
  10. All boat clubs, waterfront bars and restaurants are to pay an annual fee as a corporate charge for the use of the waterways.
  11. All vessels operating within Lagos Waterways are subject to annual Licence Tonnage Fee.

 Dredging Activities

  1. All dredging companies must register its activity within Lagos State waterways with an application and a non-refundable fee.
  2. All dredging companies must register each of its dredgers operating within the Lagos state waterways with an annual fee to be determined by the Authority.
  3. Sands excavated within the Lagos State waterways shall be subject to a charge per cubic meter at a fee to be determined by the Authority.

Jetties, Piers etc

  1. All jetties, piers, docks, terminals etc must pay an annual waterway charge fee to be determined by the Authority.
  2. All boats operating within the Lagos State waterways must be branded with a specific colour of the Registered Operator to be approved by the Lagos State Waterways Authority. A Certificate of Number and a Lagos State Validating sticker will be issued by the Authority for vessels registered. The registered number and licence number code of the company and the boat respectively must be inscribed on all boats in the fleet.
  3. All operating boats must produce evidence of certification from the LASWA Safety Inspection Unit (S.I.U) for the seaworthiness and validity of documentation bi-annually.
  4. All vessels must have a valid licence as issued by LASWA, including all other necessary and mandatory documents at all times.
  5. All operators must have a standard maintenance workshop or a maintenance agreement with a reputable maintenance yard/workshop which should be approved by the Authority.
  6. Every crew member shall be kitted for safety and must have his identification tag.
  7. Boat name and official number, code and telephone hotline of the operating company displayed conspicuously inside the boat in a format to be prescribed by the Authority.
  8. The Competence of the boat’s crew is the responsibility of the company; hence the Company shall be held responsible for the offence that is committed by the boat in its fleet. The Company shall indemnify any person, corporate body or the Authority’s affected by the offence. Consistent flouting of the Authority’s rules and regulations by any vessel may cause a sanction to be imposed on the company.
  9. All operators must be equipped with marine communications equipment to constantly monitor their fleet.
  10. All vessels, floating platforms, dredgers, terminals, jetties, boats and barges are to be insured by a reputable insurance company approved by the Authority.
  11. All operators must comply with the conditions in the guidelines within three (3) months of provisional approval failing which the provisional approval is automatically withdrawn.
  12. A maximum of two (2) operators per route and not more than two (20 routes per operator shall be allowed.
  13. Not more than one (1) terminal concession per investor.
  14. Additional land reclamation, where possible and suitable, for Ferry Terminal purposes must obtain a different permit.
  15. The State government reserves the right to review the guidelines whenever it is considered necessary.