Career and Investment

The Lagos state government and the Authority firmly believe that the development of the State’s waterways will require both the public and private sectors to work hand in hand.
The successful development of the waterways would provide the following benefits:
a) Positive change in the socio- economic status of the inhabitants of Lagos State.
b) Increased economic activities in the hinterlands of the State
c) Reduction of stress-related illness on citizens of the State
d) Reduced level of traffic congestion on roads
e) Drastic reduction in operational and maintenance costs of vehicles
f) Less pollution and damage to the environment

The Lagos State Government’s objectives for investing resources to develop water transportation in Lagos include:
a) To provide an alternative public transport service that is accessible and affordable to all sections of the State, thereby complimenting efforts of the present government at combating traffic congestion on Lagos roads.
b) To promote, maintain and enhance the attractiveness and reliability of this alternative transport mode, thus providing an alternative to road transport.
c) To provide a reliable transport service for the public, with the intention of reducing the amount of time it takes for citizens to commute especially during peak periods.
d) To provide a public transport service that will integrate other existing transport infrastructure in the State.
e) To collate reliable and accurate transport information for economic planning, and to further the awareness amongst the commuting public.
f) To provide employment for skilled and unskilled persons in the transport industry.
g) To guarantee by working with stakeholders, a safe and secure environment for personnel in the water transportation industry.
h) To ensure public safety by taking all appropriate measures to ensure that staff are fully trained and knowledgeable to provide transport services.
i) To work with the Lagos State Waterways Authority and other stakeholders to ensure sustainable development and better environmental outcomes where travel choices are concerned.
j) To provide a service which will assist in poverty alleviation through increased economic activities from the provision of safe, cheap and reliable transportation.
k) To provide a good return on investment for operators in the industry.

Areas of investment include:
a) Water Transportation (Passengers, Car and Cargo)
b) Construction of Infrastructure and Management
c) Technical Partnership and Consultancy
d) Financing
e) Provision of Logistics

Benefits to Investors:
The public private partnership policy of the Lagos State Government comes with following benefits:
a) Concession of viable projects to investors for a specified period that guarantee good return on investments
b) Approved sites for the development of new terminals on Build, operate, manage and transfer (BOMT) basis.
c) Tax holidays and waives where necessary
d) Huge patronage enjoyed from massive enlightenment campaign
Government institution support and regulations.