Lagos State Waterways Authority

The Lagos State Government (LASG) in 2008 enacted the Lagos State Waterways Authority Act, which established the Lagos Waterways Authority (LASWA). LASWA is charged with the responsibility for coordinating and managing the reforms necessary for the long-term growth and development of water transportation in Lagos State, including the granting of ferry licenses and concessions for the operation of terminals to the private sector. These reforms entail the creation of an enabling long-term regulatory environment that attracts significant private sector involvement in the provision of water transport services. Through LASWA, the LASG has embarked on policy reforms that promote and facilitate investments for the provision of water transport aimed at realizing potentials towards becoming an attractive mode of transport. The fundamental responsibility of LASWA is to manage, improve and enhance navigation opportunities for Lagos State inland waterways.

This programme entails the following:
  • Creation of an enabling long-term regulatory environment that provides conducive environment for significant Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the provision of water-based transport services.
  • Implementation of the Lagos Ferry Project (LFP) a strategy designed to facilitate the provision of efficient and effective ferry services in Lagos State with active private sector participation.


To Transform Lagos into a Model city with world class inland waterways infrastructure and services.

To achieve our vision, we aim to:

  • Manage, improve and enhance navigation opportunities for the waterways;
  • Protect the interest of those navigating and using the waterways;
  • Promote better access and information for canoeist and users of small craft;
  • Contribute to enhanced bio diversity, heritage and landscape values of the waterways;
  • Develop the health, economic and social benefits of navigation, to the advantage of everyone;
  • A renewed focus on boating education and safety campaign;
  • Partnering with the boating communities
  • New penalties for unsafe behaviour; increased compliance checks.


To Regulate and promote the use of Lagos inland waterways, encourage sustainable investments and develop lasting water transport solutions for the people of Lagos State.

Our Team

Mr Oluwadamilola Emmanuel

Mr Oluwadamilola Emmanuel

General Manager

He is the GM

Secretary to the Authority

Secretary to the Authority

Secretary to the Authority

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